Welcome to the official web site of the Orange County Democratic Party.


The Orange County Democratic Party is growing by leaps and bounds.

There is a definitely more bluish tint to our purple Orange County since Election Day 2012.

President Barack Obama won Orange County for the second time.  No Democratic Presidential candidate has ever won Orange County twice.

Sean Patrick Maloney carried Orange County and we now have a Democratic Congressman representing the entire County.

Now, three of the four Assembly members representing Orange County are Democrats

Woodbury Town Councilman James Skoufis won the 99th Assembly District with 56% per cent of the vote.  This sent a big message for the future since James’ victory over his opponent, who switched parties only a year ago, proved that it does not pay to become a Republican in Orange County.

Both Aileen Gunther and Frank Skartados won re-election with over 70% of the vote.

Blooming Grove resident Sandra Sciortino won Orange County in her five-County district to become a State Supreme Court Justice.   And Sandra won with only the Democratic Party Line.

In the past two years, we have gained two more County Legislators. In 2011, Matt Turnbull won with 63% of the vote to become a County Legislator.  And in 2012, Roseanne Sullivan became our ninth legislator in a district in which the Democrats are clearly outnumbered.

We are now the largest Party by enrollment in Orange County having become the majority party in Orange County in 2008.

On the County level, the Orange County Democratic Party has been the Party of reform.

We have fought successfully thus far to save Valley View Nursing Home as a County-owned and run facility.

We fought successfully against the original $140 million dollar new Government Center proposed by County Executive Diana and supported by the Republicans. That plan is dead. We are now fighting the latest expensive $75 million plan and have proposed an alternative with renovations to the existing building of about 40 million dollars.

We still support an Independent Inspector General to clean up the government.  And finally we will continue to push for evening meetings for greater public participation.

Please use this web site as a resource to get involved and participate in the Democratic Party. Help us to bring real change to Orange County by helping us take the County Executive’s office and the majority in the Legislature in 2013 as well as other County-wide offices and local positions.

You will find information on the County Committee and our local Town and City Committees and affiliated committees. There are links to the National and State Committees and elected officials.

If you wish to volunteer or even run for office, please call the local committee chair or me.

Please remember we are all volunteers, and we know that campaigns are difficult. But we are all Democrats, not because it is the easy thing to do, but because it is the right thing to do.

Please join us on our mission to elect Democrats and give all of us the type of government of which we can be proud.